A podcast about technology, much of it garbage
by Brandon Mercer and joshua stein

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Listener feedback (00:40)

  • Mutt and alot
  • Storage management on OpenBSD (or not)

Brandon tries CopperheadOS on his Nexus 6P (08:30)

Yet more Chromebook updates (22:12)

Brief Z-Wave update (56:48)

joshua is selling his Samsung ATIV Book 9 laptop (1:01:00)

  • Let him know if you want to buy it

Aftershow (1:01:48)

  • MetaBUG
  • joshua wants to start a Chicago BSD user group, contact him if you live near Chicago

Listener feedback (00:34)

Syncing credentials across machines (17:39)

If "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas. (28:34)

Weekly Chromebook update (29:24)

Z-Wave, X10, Zigbee (1:00:34)

Google dropping support for Nexus 6p and 5X next year (1:06:46)

Listener question - language for new web developer (1:15)

Feedback on Brandon's mutt transition (4:43)

More Chromebook updates (13:41)

Trying to diagnose a man-in-the-middle attack (38:39)

Possibly using an Arduino to detect power usage (50:32)

Brandon ditches Inbox for Mutt (00:40)

More Chromebook stuff (05:16)

  • Coreboot framebuffer code has been committed (into efifb)
  • No backlight control Update: I got it working on Skylake

Flashing coreboot with a Bus Pirate (12:56)

Listener feedback feedback (38:46)

Brandon returns from BSDCan (00:20)

Brandon got a Chromebook, but it's not running ARM (17:10)

Belated OpenBSD news (33:21)

  • umb driver finally imported

Trying to contribute and getting push-back, and the shortcomings of CVS (36:55)

Brandon's rain machine to help you sleep (46:49)

joshua finishes rewriting his Pushover message-sending daemon (47:02)

Listener question about pfSense (51:30)

Post-show (56:33)

joshua talks to himself while Brandon is away

Follow-up (00:21)

HP Chromebook 13 now booting OpenBSD (1:14)

  • Pictures of the inside
  • Debugging without video or serial console
  • INT 10H
  • New Coreboot framebuffer driver (cbfb)

HP Chromebook 13 (00:27)

ImageMagick vs. Netpbm (22:02)

Go maps and locks (36:07)

ummo app (1:01)

OpenBSD stuff (2:14)

  • wxallowed mount flag
  • EFI support in u-boot for arm

BCHS: BSD, C, httpd, SQLite (10:16)

Brandon runs with scissors (20:00)

Google I/O (25:55)

joshua tries to convert Brandon to use iOS (40:46)

Brandon's OpenBSD-based wireless AP (57:16)

  • joshua is lazy

Afterparty (1:05:12)

Garbage t-shirts and stickers are now available (1:24)

OpenBSD News (5:17)

  • p2k16 hackathon in France complete, many developer reports on OpenBSD Journal
  • 6.0 beta
  • getpwnam and getpwnam_shadow
  • hppa64 is no more
  • ACPI 5.0 work, SD card speedup for sdhc(4)

VMware system timer issues (19:13)

More Linux and systemd ranting (29:29)

Aftershow (40:02)

garbage[25]: Constraints
May 5th, 2016

joshua's ramblings on constraints (00:41)

Brandon's follow up on his Go project (25:42)

Gadget review: Sideclick (30:24)

Listener feedback followup (36:16)

  • OpenBSD developers and users should be nice
  • Garbage merchandise is coming soon

Completely unrelated: The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can

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